good ways to introduce flirting into a conversation?

Here’s a couple of simple ways to flirt you can try: 1. Assign her a role i.e. if she says she works sales you can say “ah so I have to watch out for you convincing me to do things…” if she works in admin “ah so that means you’re going to help me organise … More

no – answers

 practiced only one opener i.e “Spirituality Opener” and I was able to start the conversation with it. Most of the time the responses were like “No”, “Nah”, etc? (and no “why” question from them). No matter what they responded I amazed them by saying “someone who knows who she is, and really in love with life”.

Online Dating Texting Guide

 6 Things You Can Do Right Now to 10 x The Amount of Dates You’re Setting Up On Tinder, Bumble and Hinge Here’s some reality shattering Tinder statistics that are honestly terrible for marketing but are the undeniable truth The top 20% of men are getting 80% percent of the women. And 80% of the … More

How To Pass Womens Tests

You’ve probably heard about it, and you’ve definitely experienced it: Women TEST men that they are romantically interested in. In fact, if a woman is NOT testing you, then chances are she’s not interested in you sexually. Tests can be playful and sarcastic or downright angry and mean– but the one thing they have in … More

Avoiding the no show

Unfortunately it’s becoming more and more common for girls to not show up to a first date 🙁 Usually they will ghost you and not confirm the date, but some girls will go as far as confirming the date and never showing up. Not cool! Don’t worry though, I’m going to help you get around … More