Avoiding the no show

Unfortunately it’s becoming more and more common for girls to not show up to a first date 🙁

Usually they will ghost you and not confirm the date, but some girls will go as far as confirming the date and never showing up. Not cool!

Don’t worry though, I’m going to help you get around that. Let’s make sure you never get stood up again.

One of the biggest mistakes guys make is sending text like these:

“we still on for tonight?”


“can’t wait to meet you, we’re still on right?”

The reason these are bad is because they subconsciously communicate that you don’t have confidence. Big mood killer!

Those kind of texts basically say you think she’s going to cancel on you and you are begging her not to.

Instead you want to test the waters without losing confidence points. Try sending her this:

“Going to be about 5-10 minutes late tonight.”

This shows confidence because you are assuming she is showing up to the date, and it gives her the opportunity to politely cancel instead of not showing up.

TIP: If she cancels the date move on to the next girl. She’s likely talking to a bunch of guys and you aren’t in the top 3. If you feel like talking the risk you can give her one more chance.

src: Texting Mentor

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