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 6 Things You Can Do Right Now to 10 x The Amount of Dates You’re Setting Up On Tinder, Bumble and Hinge
Here’s some reality shattering Tinder statistics that are honestly terrible for marketing but are the undeniable truth
The top 20% of men are getting 80% percent of the women. And 80% of the men are competing for the bottom 20% of women in terms of attractiveness on online dating apps.
Now in my previous post, I demystified the whole idea that you had to look like Brad Pitt to get a tonne of matches, drawing on my 100+ online dating photoshoot experience to show you the non-verbal communication that leads to success.
I also pointed out that I’ve had many clients who weren’t conventionally good-looking who killed it after a shoot. And I’ve also been contacted by guys who had a near-male-model aesthetic but yet were getting nowhere.
In this post, I want to destroy another bullshit myth. That being that a good profile by itself is enough to get you dates with your ideal woman consistently.
It’s straight-up, not.
I don’t care if you have a six-pack made of chocolate and you look like Ryan Gosling’s twin.
If you’re going around opening with “Hey, how are you?” or “How’s lockdown?” shit is not going to end well for you. And you’re wasting so many opportunities!

So without further ado, i’m going to over six things you can implement right now to 10 x the amount of dates you’re setting up on online dating apps

1. Open with something that evokes curiosity and leaves an unanswered question in mind
Here are some examples:
“You look a lot like my future ex wife”
“You seem like my kinda girl”
“Hey trouble”
What do all of these have in common?
1. They’re somewhat polarizing
2. They leave them thinking, why does he think that, and what does that mean about me?
3. It sets a good tone for the rest of the conversation/leads to more interesting threads
2. Test the waters, move things forward at the right time and be patient
I would highly suggest you have a look through a woman’s Tinder sometime. Shit is ridiculous! One of the first things I noticed was that there were two extremes that many men alternate between. The first is the guy who just chats and chats and chats and never actually sets up a date, and then the second is the overly eager lad, who would abandon everything at the drop of a hat to meet up with… Well, anyone (don’t be that guy)
We’ve all had that experience where the conversation seems to be going well; then we ask what she’s doing? When she’s free? And we get something vague like. “yeah, this weeks a bit busy, but i’ll let you know,” and things start to die off.
This is where the concept “Testing the waters” comes in. Here’s an example let’s say it’s pretty early on in the conversation, you’ve vibed a bit, but you’re not 100% sure it’s time to set up a date. Let’s say the last text you got was “How’s was your day” instead of just the usual, you could say something like, “Good. Just got back from the gym looking nice and fit for our romantic date” now, this will tell you where she’s at in relation to whether she’s keen enough to go on a date. If she is, she’ll say, “Ooo when’s this?’ if she’s not she’ll say “Oh. Who said we’re going on a romantic date?” and if she’s somewhere in between she may ask “Where this going to be?” you get the drift. Either way you’ll know where you’re at.
3. Flip the script
In western society, we’ve been conditioned since childhood that we have to “win women over” this is a bunch of Disney movie bullshit. Shift that to a mindset of equality; you’re two people getting to know each other. And part of this is asking questions to find out whether she fits your ideal. Personally, I like to ask questions like “How many weaknesses do you have”, “Are you adventurous?” etc.
Be careful, though; don’t ask these kinds of questions too early in the conversation as it will feel like an interview. Ideally, you want to know she’s into you and responding well before you drop these kinds of questions.
4. Have a strong frame
Women like to test a man’s strength of character by poking him. You’ve undoubtedly, at what point or another, whether you’re conscious of it or not, experienced this.
Here’s an example “You’re such a fuckboy” slow down and ask yourself how would you respond to this? Some of you would get defensive say something like, “Nah i’m not, i’m looking for something more serious” some of you would be like “Yeah i am and what’s your point” both of these are defensive and reactive responses. They ultimately show that you’ve been effected by an external opinion, someone secure in what they are would merely just laugh or be comppletely indifferent to the proposition, they may say something like “Nah, i’m a virgin”.
Ultimately to put it simply “Never explain yourself” have the mindset of I am what I am, and i’m content regardless of your opinion.
5. Display the most attractive parts of your lifestyle and who you are
When you’re messaging a girl on Tinder, she has next to no idea who you are, and she is swimming in a sea of options. Often you’ll be asked boring questions like “How’s your day?” or “What kind of business do you run?”. These are perfect opportunities to display attractive parts of your lifestyle and who you are.
If a girl was to message me, “How’s your day?” I might respond with something like, “Good. Just got back from a photoshoot, heading off to an event.” I answer it like this because, again, it leaves an unanswered question in her mind. She doesn’t know what type of photoshoot nor what kind of event. Instead of the conversation fizzling out, it will evoke her to ask questions and invest.
When she asks what type of photoshoot, I would explain it in the best way possible, ie. “For a fashion company. It was fun, pretty crazy though, there were a few unexpected surprises” again, putting some clickbait at the end to keep her investing and keep the conversation going.
Now, of course, don’t lie; actually build an attractive lifestyle for yourself, and everything else becomes easier. But I know a lot of guys who do have an attractive lifestyle and a lot of shit going for them who don’t display it. Fuck that.
6. Set up dates properly and get off the app
This one is bigggg. This tweak in and of itself can make a world of difference. Instead of going straight up “When you free”> Let’s meet at x and do z and a b c time and fucking day” then proceed to stay on the app for a week leading up. What I usually do I break into chunks “Do you like wine?”> “We should split a bottle together sometime”? “Shoot me your number and we’ll make plans 🙂“.
Getting off the app and getting the phone number is a good idea as their apps are filled with an overwhelming amount of messages (mostly terrible ones), not to mention the app glitches, they aren’t always on it, and also giving a phone number will make her feel more invested in you. Avoid going for Snapchat or Instagram; they can be a bit of a black hole, and responses will take longer.
Like I said at the start, good texting is essential to setting up a lot of dates, and this is something we all invest a lot of time in, yet so many are wasting it get no results because they have no strategy and no idea what they’re doing.
If you’re interested in cutting the learning curve and completely systemizing and optimizing your dating life through online dating apps in 8 weeks or less. Book a time for a chat here or DM me GOD MODE for any inquiries.
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